Costa Rican 7 Provincias
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Regional and Single Origin Coffees from Costa Rica

Costa Rica's tropical climate and scenic volcanoes produce a lush, inviting environment that lures tourists from all parts of the world. These same factors also create a nurturing habitat for growing some of the world’s best coffees.

Although certain regions of the country are better-known for coffee production, all seven provinces of Costa Rica do, in fact, grow coffee. Each has its own distinct flavor profile, and one of our favorite aspects of traveling throughout the country is tasting coffee from different regions.

In order to give that same culinary travel experience to our online customers, we have developed the 7 Provincias line. These exclusive blends, one from each province, reflect what makes each region unique.

Regional Medium Roasts

In order to fully experience the regional differences between the 7 Provincias coffees, or master roaster has chosen medium roasts.

  • Alajuela: Alajuela’s diversity of altitudes, from 300 to almost 9000 feet above sea level, makes for dramatic changes in both terrain and weather. This variety produces high-quality coffee beans with strong regional identity.
  • Cartago: Residents of cool, rainy Cartago are sometimes known as brumosos in honor of the delectable mist that covers much of their province. Perfect for coffee plants, this climate produces some of the world’s greatest coffee.
  • Guanacaste: Popular with tourists because of its world-class beaches, Guanacaste is not as known for its coffee production. We are proud to offer this unique coffee, product of the region’s mountainous areas.
  • Heredia: The capital of Heredia is known as the City of Flowers. In its honor, our master roaster has developed a blend with delicate floral and honey notes.
  • San José: Home of more than a quarter of the population, the province of San José also contains Tarrazú, perhaps Costa Rica’s most famous coffee-growing region. This blend has lovely flavor notes of grapefruit and peach.

Dark Roasts from Limón and Puntarenas

Although most coffees from Costa Rica are best enjoyed as medium roasts, there are a few that develop more fully when roasted to a dark roast.

  • Limón: This Caribbean paradise is known for its beaches, its food, and the warmth of its residents. Enjoy our Limón blend as an iced coffee, and imagine yourself under the shade of a palm tree.
  • Puntarenas: Another province popular for its coastline, Puntarenas has a variety of climates, including cool, shade-covered sections ideal for high-quality coffee production. This blend will delight with its flavor notes of citrus, peach, and chocolate.