Find Your New Favorite Coffee
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Find Your New Favorite Coffee

December 2016

Find Your New Favorite Coffee

When we say a certain type of coffee is our favorite, what we’re really saying is that we love its flavor notes. This is why we’re grouping together some of our best-selling coffees according to their common flavors. You can search your favorites in the categories below and find news ones based on blends you already know you love.

Citrus Notes

Cafe Britt coffees Tres Rios, Light Roast, and Poas, with orange

Chocolate Notes

Cafe Britt coffee Tarrazu, Dark Roast, and Espresso, with chocolate

Nutty Notes

Cafe Britt coffees Narino, Pachamama, and Decarf, with nuts

Caramel Notes

Cafe Britt coffees Quimbaya and Villa de las Flores, with caramel

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Coffee drink with whipped cream
Coffee drink with whipped cream
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