Chocolate 101: 5 Treat Ideas for Halloween
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5 Treat Ideas for Halloween

October 2017

5 Treat Ideas for Halloween

It’s coming up on one of our favorite parts of the year: Halloween! We get the chance to have Britt chocolates all year round, but we love the excuse to share our favorite treats with friends and family during this time.

This year, we want to share some great ideas with our readers, as well!

Here are our top 5 recommendations for unique, gourmet treats this Halloween:

1) Chocolate Variety Pack

Perfect for sharing with little ghosts and goblins, this variety pack has something for everyone. Something chocolate-covered, that is! Each packet is different, so you may want to keep a few of the fruit or nut flavors for yourself.

Cafe Britt Chocolate Variety Pack and person picking up pack from a plate

2) Coffee Candy Chews

These chewy bites are just right for getting your coffee fix in candy form. Unlike most coffee-flavored candy, these include real coffee—and taste like real coffee!

Cafe Britt Coffee Candy Chews in a gold bowl

3) Dark Chocolate with Creamy Filling

With their delicate balance of gourmet dark chocolate and creamy filling, these sweets are a great choice for adult guests. Flavors like dulce de leche, tropical fruits, nuts and coffee will be sure to please your visitors.

Person picking up a Cafe Britt filled chocolate from a bowl

4) Chocolate Gift Box

If you’re headed to a Halloween party, this makes a perfect gift for your hosts! Individual packets of gourmet chocolates, in a decorative Costa Rica-themed box. And hey—how about traditional Costa Rican dress as a Halloween costume?

Open Cafe Britt Chocolate Gift Box

5) Dark Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Looking for chocolate with the perfect balance of sweet and tangy? Our pineapple bites pair the tropical fruit’s citrusy acidity with the richness of dark chocolate. Definitely a grown-up treat!

Pieces of Cafe Britt Chocolate Covered Pineapple on a black plate

What's your favorite treat for Halloween?

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