Organic Coffee from Cafe Britt
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The Value of Going Organic

In 1991, we realized the power of organic farming and spearheaded the movement towards organically grown coffee in Costa Rica and across the globe.

Organically grown coffee is better for the environment, your body and your taste buds. Our organic growing process does not involve any unhealthy pesticides and we do not use any artificial flavors or chemicals when roasting or cleaning our beans.

Our commitment to providing organic blends is heavily related to our commitment to Fair Trade standards. Our focus on small, local farms automatically cuts out the artificial chemicals and other shortcuts taken by large, factory run operations.

Creating sustainable coffee growing techniques is one of our primary focuses as a company and going organic is one of many ways we use to maximize our resources and honor the environment. The absence of unhealthy chemicals and machinery keeps our growing process simple and improves the environment around us.

Costa Rica’s landscape is ideal for creating organic products. Our rich volcanic soils nourish and flavor the beans while our thick vegetation provides the shade necessary for them to develop properly.

Our organic beans are only purchased from USDA organic certified plantations. We have a history of helping farms achieve this certification and hope to continue pushing the organic movement forward.

Produced by small farming coops, our Peruvian Pachamama Organic blend is meets strict organic guidelines. This growing process naturally leaves behind earthy aromas and hints of herbal, nutty flavors.

Our Costa Rican Organic blend hails from the Brunca region, an area of the country well known for its beautiful landscapes. These landscapes provide the vegetation and soil that allow our coffee beans to thrive. This organic blend is packed with intense flavors and enticing aftertaste.

Cafe Britt paved the way for the organic coffee movement to take place and continues to encourage natural, sustainable growing techniques. In doing so, we provide delicious blends that are good for everyone involved in their growth and consumption.