Habitat Gourmet Coffee from Cafe Britt

Hábitat: Keeping Costa Rica Wild

Café Britt's Hábitat line promotes wildlife conservation in Costa Rica through partnerships with organizations that research, protect, and rehabilitate native animals. The program is an extension of the company's commitment to sustainability, community development, and corporate responsibility.

For Hábitat blends, we carefully select 100% arabica coffee from regions in Costa Rica where the featured animal makes its home.

Each blend is as unique as the wildlife it supports.

Take 10% OFF on individual bags:MORNINGS
Habitat Blend Gourmet Coffee
$ 16.95
Take 10% OFF on individual bags:MORNINGS
Habitat Cariblanco Whole Bean Coffee
$ 16.95

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Hábitat Cariblanco

Hábitat Sloth

Hábitat Jaguar

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