Coffee Corner: Chubascos
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Chubascos Coffee Shop

May 2016

Coffee Corner: Chubascos

For this week’s coffee corner we’re featuring one of the most beloved restaurants in Costa Rica: Chubascos. Located a quick 20 minute drive from the Poas Volcano. Chubascos is named after the cold weather and rainy climate of the region (chubascos means showers). It would take a lot more than wet weather to keep patrons of the café away. Their loyalty has made Chubascos one of the top spots to visit in the country.

The Story

Chubascos opened in 1982 under the vision of Gennie Morero Pachecho. Pachecho had a dream to create a space that preserved traditional Costa Rican cooking methods—specifically the scrumptious flavors of the Central Valley.

Inside of Chubascos restaurant

At its founding, Chubascos was housed in a small hut. There were just six tables, one stove, and three workers getting the restaurant off the ground. In those days the restaurant was one of the few businesses in the area and was only accessible by the San Pedro de Poas, the road leading to Poas Volcano.

Menu at a Costa Rican restaurant

Eventually, as the restaurant became more successful and began to attract more visitors, the road leading directly to the business was paved, officially making it one of the top cuisine spots to visit in Costa Rica.

Now on a busy day, the restaurant is teeming with people and employs as many as 23 servers to keep the place running. What was once almost literally a hole in the wall, became the prototypical example of Costa Rican cuisine and now attracts locals as well as international tourists.

Overgrown tree

The Where

The restaurant’s location near Poas Volcano makes it the ideal place to stop for a snack or cup of coffee before or after seeing the magnificent volcano. The closeness to the volcano makes the weather cold and unpredictable—the perfect environment for a cozy cup of coffee.

Person outside with a cup of Cafe Britt coffee

Chubasco’s has graduated from the small hut it first occupied to a spacious wooden cabin nestled amongst the natural forest and vegetation of the area. After walking up a neatly marked path, guests are ushered into an atmosphere so warm and welcoming, it feels like coming home.

Barn roof and plants

Large skylights in the ceiling provide light and preserve the natural feeling. Various shades of green tablecloths cover the tables and seasonal flowers provide a beautiful touch. There are also large metal pots wrapped with strings of Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling.

Picnic tables outside and welcoming sign with a drawing of the sun peeking out from behind the clouds captures the joyful spirit of this wonderful spot.

Chubascos sign

Authentic Food

Chubascos specializes in authentic Costa Rican cuisine, specifically focusing on the flavors of the Central Valley.

The restaurant is known for its massive menu with plenty of options for every taste preference. The most famous option is Casado, a perfectly cooked selection of shredded beef paired with sides of rice, egg, potatos, and black beans.

Other popular options are the creamy cheesecake with locally grown strawberries, chorreada, and empanadas.

Strawberry cheesecake and cup of Cafe Britt coffee

Besides appetizing entrees, the menu also features some of the best coffee the region has to offer. The steaming cups and earthy flavors are perfectly paired with the stormy environment. It’s a completely Costa Rican Britt coffee drinking experience you won’t seen forget.

Two people drinking coffee in front of a small plant

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