Ways to Keep Coffee Farming Sustainable
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Ways to Keep Coffee Farming Sustainable

August 2016

Ways to Keep Coffee Farming Sustainable

At Britt we’ve understood the importance of sustainability for decades. While there is lots of debate over what it means to be sustainable and environmentally friendly in a wider context, when it comes to coffee growing we think it’s very simple. We believe that to be ethical coffee growers you must grow coffee in a way that enriches the environment where you produce your coffee.

Our commitment to sustainability means we try to implement as many environmentally friendly practices as possible. Here are a few examples:

• We encourage shade grown coffee not just because it is delicious, but because it is easier on the habitat. Using the natural shade of trees reduces the amount of pesticides and fertilizers we need, and it saves the trees.

Shade-grown coffee plantation

• Instead of throwing away the waste from our coffee processing we use it as fertilizer to enrich farmland

Coffee plants

• We re-use the water from our processing as irrigationg for future coffee crops

Rows of plants on coffee plantation

• We employ organic certified growers for our Organic blend

Ripe red coffee cherries on coffee plant

In addition to our environmental practices, we are also deeply committed to paying our workers a fair wage.

For us, sustainability is not a suggestion, it’s a responsibility, and we take our responsibility towards Earth and our employees very seriously, and it shows in the quality of our coffee.

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