Our First Coffee: Dark Roast
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Our First Coffee: Dark Roast

August 2016

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark Roast is the most popular coffee at Café Britt. It was also our very first! The story of Dark Roast is the story of our company.

Cafe Britt founder Steve Aronson with TV personality Don Francisco

Café Britt began when our founder Steve Aronson saw an opportunity to use Costa Rica’s high-quality beans and expert roasters to revolutionize the industry. Don Steve, as we call him, convinced the Costa Rican government to reserve a portion of the country’s coffee beans for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Cafe Britt Dark Roast, old packaging

Our first blend used beans from the Central and Western Valleys of Costa Rica in what is now our popular Dark Roast. The mix of sweet, acidic beans from the Central Valley and the dense, full-bodied beans of the Western Valley results in a blend so delicious it’s been dubbed “the flavor of Costa Rica.”

Green coffee beans

The blend is dark roasted to highlight the rich, chocolaty aroma and perfectly balanced flavors. It’s one of our darkest roasts, and one that we’re extremely proud of. Thirty years from our company’s creation, it’s still our most famous blend, but we have expanded our selection to now include many other “flavors of Costa Rica.”

Dark Roast Coffee coffee


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