Cafe Britt Heritage 2019: A Legacy of Excellence
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Heritage 2019: A Legacy of Excellence

August 2019

Heritage 2019:

Each year, Café Britt selects a single-origin coffee that represents a key factor in our history: a legacy of excellence. Since launching the line, coffees from family farms, beans from storied regions, and producers with unique histories have all been represented under a single name, Heritage.

For our 2019 Heritage Blend, Café Britt has chosen to offer coffee from a small association of producers located adjacent to the Caraigres protective zone in the Tarrazú region. Created in 1976, this area protects remnants of primary forest, as well as the upper reaches of the region’s river basins. The producer group, known as AFAORCA, takes their relationship with this sensitive ecological area very seriously, with a commitment to sustainable production. Farms are small, around three hectares each, and incorporate other plants such as fruit and shade trees, not to mention a variety of endemic species that provide refuge for the many migratory birds that visit the region.

Heritage 2019: A Legacy of Excellence

This Heritage Blend comes from two different plantations owned by Fabio Solís and Marvin and Dany Jiménez. Both are located in Santa María de Dota, in the Tarrazú coffee region, at an ideal altitude of over 1500 meters above sea level.

Heritage 2019: A Legacy of Excellence

Our Master Cupper Doña Carmen has chosen to present this year’s Heritage as a medium roast, in order to highlight the unique flavors of the beans. The rich flavor of honey-lime is perfectly balanced by a floral, chocolaty aroma that will delight your senses.

Join us as we celebrate our Legacy of Excellence with this year’s Heritage Blend!

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Coffee drink with whipped cream
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