Cafe Britts Brewing Series Iced Coffee
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Iced Coffee: Cafe Britt's Brewing Series

August 2017

Brewing Series Iced Coffee

In the last edition of Café Britt’s Brewing Series, our Master Brewer showed you how to use a V60. If you’ve ever had a V60-brewed cup, you know that it makes for great coffee. But did you know that it’s also an ideal way to brew iced coffee?

Coffee being poured into glass with ice

You’ll need a V60, coffee, hot water, and ice. We also used an ice cube strainer from the Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker, but this is optional.

“Wait,” you may be thinking. “Won’t that make for watery coffee?”

In a word, no! Because of the shape and size of the V60, the flow is fairly slow. Instead of pouring quickly through the filter, the water drips down gently onto the ice cubes. As the coffee drops fall onto the ice, they cool immediately, rather than melting all of the ice.

In addition to being a quick way to cool your thirst, this method of brewing iced coffee offers flavor benefits that cold brews don’t. Ever thought that some iced coffees lack that “certain something”? With this method, aromas and flavors that are only extracted when using hot water remain intact.

We love iced coffee made with our Dark Roast. With a rich profile and a chocolaty aroma, its flavor notes of fig and dried fruits make it a great choice for an iced version.

Bottoms up!


Bag of Cafe Britt Dark Roast coffee and coffee ground Get Cafe Britt Dark Roast Blend

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