Cafe Britts Brewing Series: French Press
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Cafe Britt's Brewing Series: French Press

July 2020

Favorite Brewing Methods

French press coffee is a preparation method that is often surrounded by mystique. How many of us have had a perfect cup in a restaurant, only to fail miserably when trying the same at home?

In truth, there’s one key to preparing the perfect French press coffee: measurement.

Unlike methods like the coffee maker and the chorreador, French presses use the immersion method. In order to prepare properly, It’s essential to have the correct amount of both coffee and water, as well as to use a timer while the coffee is brewing.

You’ll need a French press, coffee, hot water, measuring spoon (in grams), and a timer. Be sure to clean the French press and ensure that there is no soapy residue.

We recommend a French press for all of our coffees! At Café Britt, we feel that this method provides the most control over the end result.

Person putting coffee in chorreador

In particular, however, French presses are wonderful for preparing single-origin coffees, such as our newest, Monteverde . As a medium-dark roast, it’s perfectly suited for the extraction method. The notes of cacao, nuts, and citrus are balanced by the appetizing chocolaty aroma.

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