Medium Dark Roast Gourmet Coffees

Medium dark:
Dense and complex

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Each type of coffee roast brings out different flavors in green coffee beans, resulting in a unique experience for each combination of bean and roast. Medium dark roast may be the clearest example, presenting the subtleties of both a chocolaty dark roast and an aromatic medium roast.

Roasted for a few minutes more than medium roast, medium darks display some oil on the surface, but they don’t get as shiny as dark roasted coffee beans. At the optimum point in this roast, acidity is reduced as bold flavor and aroma begin to emerge.

Why Medium Dark Roast Coffee?

The balanced nature of medium dark roast coffee has given it the reputation of being the best coffee to drink after a meal. The dense body, wide range of flavors, and slight bittersweetness make this a must-try roast for coffee lovers.

One of the best features of medium dark roast is what's sometimes called a lightly “spicy” flavor. These blends have a tangy chocolate taste but are not quite as strong as a dark roast.

Medium Dark Roasts from Costa Rica and Peru

Costa Rica: Café Britt sources our Costa Rican Fair Trade blend from a farm in the Brunca region, known for its larger coffee bean with lots of body and an excellent aroma. This Fair Trade-certified plantation is owned and operated by ASOPROLA, a group of women dedicated to the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly growing and business practices. This blend has great mouth presence, as well as a lovely aroma of fresh wood.

Peru: Our Peruvian medium roast comes small cooperatives in Valle Sagrado, along the Andes Mountains. Coffee has been grown in this “Sacred Valley” for generations, by families still maintaining traditional methods. The medium roast highlights the natural sweetness and woody flavor notes, which are balanced by the aroma of plum and apricot.

Tasting Chart

Costa Rican Montecielo Gourmet Coffee from Tarrazú Montecielo Gourmet from Tarrazú
1,200-1,600 meters


Chocolate, Grapefruit