The Didactic Gourmet

The scrutiny and science of certified organics

October 2010

The Didactic Gourmet

Natural and earth friendly, organic coffee is grown using farming methods that maintain and replenish soil fertility without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers – that’s a big challenge in a tropical environment, where pests thrive.

To become certified, the coffee must be harvested from fields that have been using natural methods for at least three years. Farmers must keep detailed records of their practices and are subject to unannounced visits by certification inspectors.

That’s what it takes not only to grow a quality crop that protects the earth, but to ensure customers that they’re buying the real thing.

Café Britt’s certified-organic blends encapsulate the spirit and quality of naturally grown products. Try our dark-roasted Costa Rica Shade-Grown Organic with its strong flavor that hints of laurel and apple. Our medium-roasted Mexico Coatlicue Shade Grown is lighter, with a floral aroma and mildly citrus flavor. Finally, our Peru Pachamama is dark roasted to bring out the fresh wood tones of its aroma and the hint of herbs and nuts in its robust flavor. Great coffee, naturally.

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