Café Britt is Fair Trade, Through and Through

The Story Behind Our Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee

May 2020

Title card Fair Trade Coffee From Cafe Britt

The Café Britt mission and business model are based on the concepts of fair treatment and environmental protection. To us, sustainability and social responsibility are just the way we do things every day.

Unlike many coffee roasters from the United States and Europe, Café Britt has close relationships with the coffee growers from whom we purchase. The small and mid-size farmers who grow our coffee depend on their farms for their livelihoods. We work directly with them to improve their production and ensure sustainable yields, in order to meet our high standards for gourmet coffee.

Café Britt's gourmet Fair Trade coffee has two important differences that make it distinctive from the rest of our coffees. First, it is produced entirely in Costa Rica’s Brunca Region, making it a single-origin , 100% gourmet coffee from one of our youngest coffee-producing zones. Secondly, it is internationally certified as a Fair Trade growing area where we as a company ensure and constantly monitor that above-market prices are paid to our farmers for their outstanding crops.

Fair trade coffee


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