Escape to Costa Rica: Catarata Del Toro
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Catarata Del Toro

April 2017

Escape to Costa Rica Catarata del Toro

A place as beautiful as Costa Rica is bound to be filled with tourists and locals enjoying the country’s most beautiful spots. Want a break from the people? Check out Costa Rica’s best kept secret: the Catarata Del Toro.

Waterfall and stairs

The Catarata Del Toro is one of the largest waterfalls in Costa Rica, dropping almost 300 feet. Hidden in the mountains near Poas Volcano this natural wonder is open to the public six days a week.

Two views of waterfall

It costs $10 to access the waterfall. From the parking lot it’s about a fifteen minute hike to the top of the staircase descending to the falls. Then there’s only 375 steps separating you from the majesty of Costa Rica’s hidden gem! (We promise every single one of them is worth it) .

Walkway in forest with sign

Surrounded by lush foliage, the Catarata Del Toro is also home to an abundance of hummingbirds. The sound of rushing water can be heard echoing throughout the surrounding area. Fair warning: if you stand too close, mist from the falls will soak you!

Red and yellow Canna flower and tall tree in forest Furry red hanging Heliconia

Enjoy your trip to Costa Rica’s stunning secret waterfall!

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