What’s In a Coffee Farm?
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What’s In a Coffee Farm?

July 2016

What's a Coffee Farm

Have you ever been sipping a delicious cup of Joe and thought to yourself where on earth did this heavenly beverage come from? We’ve all been there and Britt is here to help answer this burning question. Coffee grows on coffee plantations, each with it’s own style and culture. Here’s an inside look at what some of the plantations we work with look like. Warning: looking at these pictures may make you want to drop everything and visit Costa Rica immediately.

Plantions in general

Costa Rica has the ideal environment for coffee growth and production so there are a lot of coffee plantations around the country

Green mountain scene

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Coffee plantations with mountains behind

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Coffee plantation

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The coffee beans used in your favorite blend are grown on these shrubs.

Coffee plants

Coffee Pickers

During harvest season (November to February) the farms fill with coffee pickers who often live with their families in houses on the plantation until the season ends.

Person picking coffee


Costa Rican coffee is shade grown meaning it (you guessed it) often grows under the shade of the large trees and foliage of the area.

Bananas on a tree


It’s not just coffee pickers who make their home on plantations. You’ll also see lots of animals and insects.

Bird in tree


Coffee beans aren’t the only thing growing here, there’s also an abundance of fresh fruit. Bananas? Guayabas? You choose!

Women holding guavas

Coffee Mill

Coffee mill


This large machine removes the pulp from the outside of the coffee bean to prepare it for roasting.

Equipment at a coffee mill

Coffee Patio

A large space where the beans are left to dry after being washed.

People moving drying coffee on a coffee patio

Green beans

It may not look like much, but these little green beans are ready to be roasted!

Person handling green coffee beans

Coffee Storage

The beans are placed in storage until it is time for them to be roasted and enjoyed by people around the world.

Coffee in burlap Cafe Britt coffee bags
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