Sustainably-produced, organically farmed
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Sustainably-produced, organically farmed

July 2016

Sustainably Produced, Organically Farmed

In 1991, six years after Britt was founded, we realized the value of organic farming and made a decision to pioneer the organic coffee movement in Costa Rica by helping farms become organically certified. Since then, we have only purchased beans from 100% USDA organic certified farms.

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Tall trees


We define organic as coffee harvested from plantations using 100% organic materials. To be labeled organic, 95 percent of the beans used in the coffee must have been grown in organic conditions.

Tree in a shade-grown coffee plantation

This process fertilizes the soil and protects groundwater. Certified organic coffee is also grown by farmers who strive to use renewable resources, conserve soil and water, and improve the environment.

Coffee plants with ripe cherries

In order to maintain our organic coffee certifications, we take regular soil samples and analyze foliage to ensure there are no chemical fertilizer residues in our blends.

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Coffee beans thrive when growing beneath the shade of native trees. These plants increase the biodiversity of plantations by attracting birds and other animals.

Organically certified coffee is guaranteed:

  • • To be made using 100% Arabica SHB (Strictly Hard Beans)
  • • Completley Kosher
  • • Approved by the Organic Agriculture by the European Union
Roots in dark soil

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a sip. Take a large slurp of coffee from the spoon so it can reach all of your test buds, even the ones on the very back of your tongue. Now ask yourself what flavors you’re savoring and take some mental notes and either swallow or spit it out like the professionals do.

All of the farmers we work with practice sustainable, earth-friendly growing practices, but only producers with international certifications provide the beans used in our Organic Shade blend.

Coffee cherries as waste

This blend is grown at altitudes between 1,200-1,400 meters. The medium roast contains flavors hints of apple and laurel and the relaxing aroma of freshly tilled soil. It’s a dense, full-bodied coffee that is heavier on the palate and leaves a lingering aftertaste.

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