Britt Poás Coffee Is Like An Active Volcano For The Senses
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Britt Poás Coffee

May 2015

Poás volcano in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has around twenty volcanoes, both active and extinct. One of the most popular for tours is the Poás Volcano, due to its impressive size, ease of access from San José, and first-class visitor facilities. Its most recent eruption in 2017 closed the Poás Volcano National Park for over a year, but security changes have allowed admission for a limited number of tourists to the attraction since then.

Poás Volcano

The Poás Volcano is best known for its blue-green waters, both in the main crater and the beautiful Botos Lake (Laguna Botos). Standing on the rim, visitors often smell the sulfur in the air, which at times has proven to be acidic enough for the park to close. It is from this crater that the effects of naturally occurring acid rain can be seen on the vegetation surrounding the landscape.

Our Poás Volcanic Earth coffee is grown on the slopes of this active volcano. Its flavor hints of earth and lemon comes from the acidic soil left by years of volcanic activity.

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