Even during times of crisis Café Britt coffee is 100% arabica

No substitute for arabica

October 2011

Rain damage to arabica coffee crops in Columbia and Central America last year sent coffee futures soaring to a near 14-year high.

The price jump prompted some roasters to mix robusta coffee with some of their arabica blends to keep costs down. Some roasters do this, but not Café Britt.

By gourmet coffee standards, robusta is considered a "filler coffee." It's a cheaper variety that's easier to grow. It has a more bitter taste. Robusta is a predominate variety in Brazil, the world's largest coffee-producing country. But here in Costa Rica, the law demands that only arabica beans be grown. It's illegal to grow robusta!

Prices have come down about a third since their peak last year of $3.05 per pound, but they remain high and could edge up again this year if arabica crops are smaller than expected and demand grows.

But you can be sure of one thing. Café Britt gourmet coffees and blends are, and have always been, 100% arabica. And our prices remain competitive!

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