Navigate a Coffee Plantation Like a Pro
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Navigate a Coffee Plantation Like a Pro

June 2022

Navigate a Coffee Plantation

If you’re interested in taking your coffee knowledge to the next level, look no further. There are plenty of Costa Rican terms you may already know: Mae, Pura Vida, and Tuanis. Here’s a list of some of the other most commonly used words on Costa Rican coffee plantations that will take your coffee expertise to the next level.

Coffee plants with ripe red cherries


Coffee plantation

Mountain scene


Terms used for “farm,” “estate,” or “plantation”

Coffee plant

Mata del café

The coffee plant.

Coffee mill


Name for the coffee processing plant where coffee fruit is transformed into green coffee beans

Rows of coffee plants

Micro lote

Type of blend consisting of coffee from only one location or plot of land

Cajuela or box for coffee picking


Official unit of measurement established by the Costa Rican government to measure coffee picking

Person in sillhouette


Foreman of the plantation, responsible for giving workers their assignments each day

Row of coffee plants


Literally translated “street” this term refers to the row of red coffee the pickers will be responsible on a given day

Bunch of coffee cherries on a branch


Branch of the coffee plant with many beans growing from it

Basket and ripe red coffee cherries


Basket coffee pickers wear on their waist to put coffee cherries in

Green peaberry coffees


Also known as peaberries, these are a rare type of coffee bean where only one of the two seeds present in the bean becomes fertilized

Coffee Varieties

Infographic about different kinds of coffee
Person handling coffee in parchment stage


Also known as the silverskin or parchment, this is the thin, paper-like wrapping that remains on a coffee bean after the skin and pulp have been removed

Coffee leaf showing signs of rust


A coffee pathogen, known as coffee rust. It typically affects coffee grown at lower altitudesd

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