Café Britt Anniversary Blend: The Rich Heritage of Our Gourmet Coffee
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Café Britt Anniversary Blend: The Rich Heritage of Our Gourmet Coffee

June 2022

Heritage 2022:

Every year, we celebrate Costa Rican coffee and the country’s rich history of coffee production by creating an anniversary blend using coffee from a specific source in Costa Rica. Exceptional quality is one of the most important things we look for in the best Costa Rican coffee. We also favor sources that are representative of Costa Rica’s strong legacy of coffee production.

Costa Rican Coffee Is the Best in the World

We create an anniversary blend every year because we believe Costa Rican coffee is one of the most exceptional coffees in the world. People from around the world visit Costa Rica for its lush rainforest and gorgeous beaches. However, while they’re here, they discover and fall in love with our world-renowned Costa Rican coffee.

Heritage Blend 2022

There are a few reasons why Costa Rica sets itself apart:

  • Coffee farmers in Costa Rica are legally required to grow only 100% arabica beans.
  • Costa Rica’s mountainous regions have the perfect climate for arabica coffee.
  • Costa Rica’s beans are hand-picked using an artisanal single-origin process that ensures excellent quality.

  • Most importantly, coffee farmers in Costa Rica use farming practices that preserve the environment, even as they produce great-tasting and highly aromatic coffee. The country is a success story in sustainability, with more than 30% of its land designated as protected nature reserves. These natural ecosystems provide the right environment for high-quality arabica coffee to thrive.

    Café Britt’s Anniversary Blend 2022

    This year, the source of the coffee for our Heritage Blend is a coffee farm located in Heredia, home to our headquarters and our Coffee Tour. Besides producing great coffee, this coffee farm contributes toward the preservation of the rainforest of Costa Rica by using practices that minimize or eliminate the use of agricultural herbicides, chemicals, pesticides and fungicides in coffee production. Doing so helps mitigate the adverse effects of global warming and preserves the local biodiversity and wildlife.

    HThe best coffee of the year

    Heredia effuses elegant antiquity and is well-known for producing amazing coffee. Its proximity to the Barva Volcano means that the soil is highly fertile and contains a wealth of nutrients that make the coffee highly aromatic and flavorful. Specifically, the soil gives the coffee the acidic flavor, a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.

    highly fertile soil

    First-rate Coffee for a Super Anniversary Blend

    Our Master Cupper Doña Carmen has chosen to roast these beans in separate batches, resulting in a dark roast and a medium roast that are then expertly combined. The final blend represents the best of each roast, with a floral aroma that delicately highlights the intense caramel flavor notes.

    We invite you to enjoy the flavor of tradition with Heritage 2022!

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