Green or red: breaking down Café Britt’s wonderful roasts

Green or red?

April 2005 - Steve Aronson

Green or red: breaking down Café Britt’s wonderful roasts

“You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.” Henry Ford’s infamous quotation about his revolutionary but monotone Model T wasn’t too far off the mark at Café Britt about 10 years ago.

A visit to our website or to one of the many Costa Rican supermarkets that sold our coffee back then would have revealed a plentiful supply of coffee to buy – as long as it was in a red or a green bag.

Our trusty Light Roast and Dark Roast premium blends were about all we offered in those days.

Today, that same visit presents a 21st Century dilemma. Which coffee to choose? Our traditional Light and Dark roasts now share shelf space with a growing line of remarkable regional coffees, such as Tres Rios and Tarrazu from Costa Rica and “Sacred Valley” coffees from the heights of the Peruvian Andes.

The earthy, fruity flavors and aromas of these regional coffees reflect a character molded by optimum growing conditions – the altitude, soils, rainfall and sunlight that nurtured them during their time on the coffee bush. But the flavor produced changes, ever so slightly, depending on variations in weather, harvest time and roasting. That’s the surprise. No two harvests of an unblended premium coffee are ever quite the same.

Consistency is the art of the blend. Our blended coffees are every bit as premium as our regional coffees, but with one unique characteristic – consistency.

We know how to combine premium coffees grown in different regions or on different farms to produce a flavor and aroma that hold up, cup after cup, month after month, year after year.

And our customers continue to endorse our roasters’ artful skills. Even in this time of increasing options, Café Britt’s green Dark Roast blend still accounts for almost half our coffee sales.

We encourage you to try all of our coffees, but when puzzling over which to choose, think of it this way. The surprising but variable regional coffee is the one you want to flaunt, serve to a roomful of special guests, and be seen with.

The trusty blend, with its irresistible, but steadfast flavor and aroma, is the one you want to wake up to every morning. And our bag colors are still red or green. How’s that for consistency?

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