Café Britt again named Business of the Year

Big Awards, Even Bigger Honors

February 2006 - Steve Aronson

Café Britt again named Business of the Year

The past few months have been particularly gratifying for Café Britt, both in Costa Rica and Peru.

Our hard work to provide you with the best gourmet products and second-to-none customer service has not gone unnoticed!

On Nov. 30, Café Britt’s gift shops in the international airport in Lima, Peru received the 2005 Business Creativity Prize awarded by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and local businesses.

Judges loved our selection of unique Peruvian gifts and products. This recognition is a real tribute to our excellent staff.

In Costa Rica, the national Chamber of Commerce honored our already award-winning CoffeeTour with its newest distinction – the 2005 Tourism Prize.

The award really speaks to the hard work of our Coffee Theater Department, which makes Café Britt’s tourism activities happen.

On December 13th, Costa Rica’s El Financiero business weekly named Café Britt business of the year, in part for our expansion efforts throughout 2005. It was a fete we’d repeated several times over the past few years.

At the awards ceremony, the paper’s editor, Ana Yancy Noguera, commented that Café Britt’s successive wins were becoming habit forming!

Finally, our president and founder Steve Aronson, was the focus of an extensive feature story in the Nov. 27 edition of Proa, a special section of Costa Rica’s leading daily newspaper La Nacion. The story focused on “don Steve’s” vision for Café Britt and the coffee industry, while delving into his personal and professional challenges along the way.

Each of these special honors means a great deal to everyone in the Café Britt family. We’ll continue to build on all these successes by providing products that are, each day, of a better quality and a customer service that is, each day, more driven by optimism and hard work.

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