Here at Café Britt, we love preparing coffee in new and exciting ways. We also love sharing those experiences with others! So our Recipes section is the perfect opportunity for us to do both.  

How to Make Coffee Drinks like Cappuccinos and Mochas

Whether you love a black coffee or you prefer your java with milk and sugar, you may enjoy branching out and exploring the many types of coffee drinks that you see in your local coffee house. Join us as we learn how to make iced coffee recipes, flavored cappuccinos, and the quintessential version of favorites like macchiato, cortado, and latte.

Our recipes are easy to follow and appealing to watch. Short videos show you step-by-step how your favorite beverages are made, while written recipes make it a cinch to get your ingredients together and follow along. Whether your brewing method of choice is a coffee maker or an espresso machine, you’ll still love watching our expert barista skillfully preparing the recipes.

Chocolate Recipes and More

We also know that not all the best coffee recipes are drinks. Lots of great desserts and main dishes include coffee as a way of adding depth of flavor. Explore with us as we test our taste buds and our cooking skills.

Our recipes aren’t just limited to coffee, though! We also feature yummy options using Britt hot cocoa, like brownies and cookies. And if you dig around in the site, you’ll find a few traditional Costa Rican dishes, especially for those who loved their culinary experience when visiting our home country.

Whether you’re an armchair barista or a kitchen expert, we hope you enjoy the recipes that we have planned for you.